Kazehito Seki

Voice artist, noisician, etc.

Titled Self Toxication is Kazehito’s solo project. His in-the-moment, site-specific live experiments that utilise the organic materials and catalysts of his body, mind, extended voice, amplification, feedback through re-amplification, room acoustics, creating an observation on what noise music can be. Noise music for Kazehito is a possibility for spectra instead of binaries. Nothing is good or bad without setting a specific context – observing something, there is always another point of view.

Exploring stages all over the world, also as his lifetime project, he has toured Europe extensively, Japan, Southeast Asia, USA, Mexico so far. Some of his past stages are listed as below: Hluková mystéria (2019, 2018 / Ostrava), Ende Tymes (2019, 2017 / NYC), TOPH X TUSK FRINGE (2018 / Newcastle), allEars (2018 / Oslo), MultiDOM (2016~ / Over Europe, at Hausmania, OCCII, Rxxxxhaus, etc), FRIV Festival (2016 / Poznań), LUFF – Lausanne Underground Film&Music Festival (2015 *Afterparty), etc. (The full list will be sorted out soon!)

Various releases of his solo and collaborative projects can be found via attenuation circuit (Augsburg), Brain Pussyfication (Multiverse), DBY Records (Pilsen), Deathwave Industries (Massachusetts), Ideopathic Records (NYC), Larch Records (Łódź), Mapawi Records (Montreal), OOOSOUND (Tokyo), Oxen Records (LA), etc. (The full discography will be sorted out soon!!)

200316 Kazehito Seki 大久保水族館
Self Toxication live at Ende Tymes X

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